Plus Point
The PHILCON range of Modular Plate Switches and Accessories have been made to international standards.

The product range today caters to virtually every aspect of electrical installation from a simple plug to highly sophisticated power distribution and protection systems. The requirements of safety, reliability and ease of installation are the key factors of all PHILCON's products design & developments.

Carefully selected materials, included LEXAN grade 943 Polycarbonate.

Silver cadmium oxide is used too, extensively, for load carrying contacts in switches to minimize oxidization and provide safer operation and long life, Such stringent quality assurance during production and post-production stages give each and every user the assurance of a reliable and safe product.

Silent Unique features ---Plus Points
  • Screwless installation and modular concept gives you the flexibility to swift your specific requirements.
  • Silver cadmium oxide is used to provide long and reliable life with superb conductivity and ensures overheating does not occur. Enhance minimizes-arcing, carbon deposits and resultant switch failure.
  • Wide concave rockers of the switches are easy to operate.
  • Ratings---6 Amps, 16 Amps, 20 Amps/250V AC to accommodate all kind of wiring possibilities.
  • To eliminate the recurring problem of loose contacts owing to non-standard plug pin, the PHILCON sockets incorporates main contact terminal-material (Brass.)
  • 6A-2 pin, 6A-3 pin, 6A-2/3 5 pin, combined & shuttered, 6/25 A 3 pin combined and 6/16A 6 pin/13 A flat pin sockets are available.
  • All sockets are fitted with linear safety shutters to ensure safety and prevent prying fingers from accidental contacts.
  • Shutters also prevent collection of dust in the socket contacts, which in turn, could lead to increase in resistance and temperature.
  • Safe for appliances as earthing take place before pins become alive.
  • An Unique card grip ensures effective cable retention.
  • Plug pins are made of solid brass, which are spin riveted to the base, thereby eliminating chances of loose termination and pins.
  • Unbreakable plugs made of engineering plastic (Polycarbonate.)
  • 2 pin telephone plugs 6A /16A plugs 3pin, 13A flat pin with fuse plus are available.
Electronic Fan Regulators
  • Capacitor based step type noise free regulators.
  • Highly economical, reduces power consumption interrelation to designed fan speed and saves up to 40% of power.
  • Equipped with T.V/ Radio interference filter.
  • Designed to withstand voltage fluctuations (low at 150 volt and high at 320 volt.)
  • Rating 100 W & 250w / 250 volt, A.C., can be used with any domestic fan in India.
  • Stepless regulators are also available to set the fan at any speed.
Electronic Dimmer
  • Stepless 650 w dimmer control the light intensity of incandescent/halogen bulbs etc.
  • No energy wastage.
  • 40% energy saving over conventional resistance dimmer.
Fuse Unit
  • Fuse carriers on connection units are firmly secured. The base is designed to prevent inadvertent contact life parts on withdrawal of fuse carriers.
Extra Benefits
  • Neon lamp option on rocker adds safety to convenience.
  • Provision of indicators in 6A / 16A switches.
  • Q. A. products are manufactured under stringent Q. C. at every stage of production. In addition, designed and developed at our in-house R&D and tooled up at our own comprehensive tool room.