Technical Strength
1. Material

LEXAN grade 943 Polycarbonate engineering plastic from GE, USA. It is Tough, resistant to aging, non - ignitable, insulating, ultra violet resistant.

  1. Spring – Stainless steel spring
  2. Current carrying parts are Brass, Copper, Bronze and Silver alloy.
2. Resistance to HUMIDITY

Philcon products are subjected to Humidity Treatment with a relative humidity between 91% to 95%.

The temperature of the air in which the sample are tested is maintained between 15 to 55 C.

3. Specified dimensions of hole diameter for conductors

Specified dia 6A – 4mm/16A-4.5mm (This hole along with the screw in the switch has the function of tightening the wire when inserted in the hole.

4. Plates
  1. Universal mounting holes and hence can be installed on money boxes.
  2. Oval mounting holes for good alignment even on bad shaped metal boxes.
  3. c. Two Plates Strong construction so no visibility of mounting screw.
  4. Top frame can temporarily be removed when painting walls etc…to avoid dirtiness and re-fix afterwards.
  5. High impact strength, plates do not break even when twisted.
  6. U.V. stabilized and hence does not fade with the time.
5. Making and Breaking capacity

Switches are capable of making and breaking an electrical circuit at 1.1 times rated voltage and 1.25 times rated current. Mechanical On/Off setting of 200 operations at a uniform rate of 30 operations per minute, for 6A & 15 operations per minute for 16A.

6. On Normal Operations

The switches having rated current of 6A/16A passes through normal operations of 20000 switching cycles i.e 40000 operations, inductive load of 6/16A with low power factor cos 0.3 + 0.5.

7. Resistance to abnormal heat and fire

All Philcon products passes the glow wire test at a temp of heat and fire 960 C, in which the glow wire is to be contacted with the specimen which is to be tested for a period of 30 + sec. The heating temp is maintained during this period.

8. Terminals & screws

Pull at vertically and circular motion with a speed of 1 Turn Per 5 Seconds.

9. Required Pull & Area of the conductor
Area Pull Neutral
6 A Switch From 0.75 mm up to 1.5 40
16 A Switch From 1.5 mm up to 4 60
10. Contacts

Solid Silver Cadmium Oxide 0.5 mm Layer for the high and long life.

11. Riveting

Pneumatically riveted contacts for high sheering strength and stable current flow for low heat and long electrical life.

12. Activator

Brass for long & proper motion life of On/Off is being used.

13. Sockets Contact

Contacts tubes for better conductivity besides retaining its shape are made out o SPRING HARD Brass, retains its springiness even after 10000 operations hence not heats up.

14. 'C' spring

An unique design spring with holder to further improve the contact pressure and hence the life of Socket.

15. Safety shutters

Uniquely design vertical mechanism. Dalrin material which fully covers the live contacts & protects the children from the accidental shocks.

16. Toxication

It is negligible equivalent to zero.

17. Melting Point

LEXAN grade 943 material's melting point is 230 C – 260 C. After melting it will take a shape of a lump/power.

18. Mechanical Strength

With the help of 150kg hammering pendulum pressure from a distance of 0 1 mtr to the product will prove its strength.

19. Electrical Strength

All switches are tested at 2000 volt R.M.S for high voltage tests.

20. Rusting & Oxidation

All terminals are plated with silver for the protection.